Monday, July 22, 2013

uh Monday's SUCK

I mean where do they come from and why do we have them? I guess so Tuesday won't suck so badly... but man Monday's SUCK!

This past weekend we were able to ship the kiddos off to Grandma's HOLLA! It was awesome! I picked K up early on Friday and took her to get her nails done. I was all like "yea just paint them but she does like to put her feet in the water to pretend she's like Mommy"... do you know what those little nail betty's did? A FULL OUT Pedicure... I shit you not, oh and they did a mani... And i'm not telling you this to tell you how awesome they were (even though they were and K was glowing with excitement the WHOLE time)... I'm telling you about this because I about slit their throats when they gave me the bill. My 3 year old cost more than me! ALL of her nails put together equals one of mine and yet she cost more!?!?! Yes she did get designs (um most of them were polka dots... not hard to do ladies!). Now I'm sure y'all are all like "Um Erin why didn't you ask prices first?" BECAUSE we've done this before... normally she's like $10 plus $5 or so for the "designs" I mean $20 total TOPS! Lets just say I hope K likes Momma trying to drunk paint her nails because that is the only way she's going to get those pigies pink again!

Saturday was another adventure (one more reasonably priced, based on the service) for the littles and me. Salon time! She was due for a trim and i needed to get rid of my rootie tooties. So yes my daughter goes with me to my salon to get her hair cut because the last time i took her to a "discount" place she came home looking like Loyd from Dum and Dummer... NEVER again. So she comes with me about every 3-4 months and gets it all! The shampoo, cut, blow dry and she LOVES it! It's actually really cute to watch her, she just sits there all giddy not moving at all! This time we got crazy and threw a pink hair extension into her hair... I'm pretty sure she's the coolest 3 year old EVER!

After that it was PEACE OUT to the littles as I threw them into Grandma's car and then took off like a bat out of hell before she could change her mind.

I got home to my Northern Cowboy who had gotten me flowers!

The best part of the weekend (aside the good bonding time, crabs with friends, and getting to hold a one week old) was Sunday night. The Man and I were working on the basement again, got another door in and some more drywall up... well his buddy, an electrician, stopped by and he's coming by on Wednesday to "give us light!"!!! Y'all we have lights down there but there's no switches, there's lights with little tiny mini chains on them (because the longer chains keep falling off). So I have to jump in the air every time I want to do laundry and hope I grab the chain... sometimes it takes a few tries... i might look like an ostrich trying to do a jumping jack... not graceful, there's no Michael Jordan airs happening here.

But after Wednesday we'll have lights, switches, and outlets! OMG!!! Now if we could just get the shitter connected we would be legit!
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  1. I can't believe they charged so much for her nails! they're really cute, but they're so little!