Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kinsley Grace

I've realized that it's been awhile since i've updated you on the ins and outs of my kiddos so I thought I would take a moment to bring you up to speed, one child at a time!

Kinsley Grace, she is now a little over a month shy of her 4th birthday! Where did the time go? She will start Kindergarten in two years. Part of me is sad for her since many of her friends will start next year, but alas she has a December birthday. Secretly I'm happy because I want to keep her little for just a smig longer!

Kinsley is a very complex little girl. She's extremely intelligent; she knows all her letters and numbers and can write almost all of the perfectly. She remembers everything and anything; not one of those children that you tell "later" to, because she will remember later. Kinsley speaks beautifully and still uses her power of persuasion and reason to get her way. She still says a few things that are cute:
McDonalds: Old McDonald
Earrings: Engring
the past is always Yesterday, the future is always Tomorrow
But my list of cute toddler phrases is getting shorter and shorter. 

She is still in dance and loves every minute of it!
She loves her brother like a little Mommy. She knows what's best for him! But, now that he's very independent himself she is a full scale tattler. According to her, I must be made aware of everything at all times, good or bad. 
Kinsley still has epic meltdowns, but normally they can be stopped with the possiblity of losing all of her marbles (which she earns and loses for behavior). Her favorite put-down is "X can't come to my birthday party"... it doesn't matter if her party is 8 months away, it has been used. 

 She has noise issues, any loud noise bothers her and upsets her. But she will push through if she thinks the reward is worth it!
Kinsley also LOVES church. She has only been to Sunday School and nursery but she LOVES it! She in fact insists on praying over all of our meals and will even thank God when she's gotten on purple at school (for good behavior).
 I often forget how young Kinsley really is because she has such a maturity about her. I can bring her to my work and no one will ever know because she's so good and quite. I can talk to her and she listens. She also takes in everything, as I learned the hard way when Chris and I were fighting one day.
She loves new friends, being outside, and swimming. Her favorite shows are Doc McStuffins, Sofia, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, and Mickey Mouse Club House (although that is slowly fading). She loves all the princesses, but Ariel is her favorite. She love long hair, not short like Daddy's. Her favorite color is Orange (no lie, only my girl) and her favorite food is spaghetti.

Kinsley is my first baby and definitely had us fooled about how good and easy kids are!
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