Thursday, October 24, 2013

Parker Thomas

Parker is my wild man, a non-stop eater, a fixer, a drummer, and a lover.

Parker is now 20months old and he throws us for a loop every single day! He is nothing like Kinsley, we were so unprepared for him! Where she was quite, he screams. Where she would sit and play, he climbs. Where she would watch Mickey Mouse, he drums on the walls.

Did i mention he eats? A lot. Like might put some teenage boys to shame! Last night alone he ate 2 packages of muffins, a large banana, and his dinner, that's pretty normal for him! 
 He is also perpetual motion. The only time I see him sit and "rest" is when he's pretend reading a book, and OH does he do it with FEELING! Really I should record it. While we've been worried about him here and there with his speech, I've never worried about his intelligence. He's SHARP! He wants to know HOW everything works and he's an extremely good and determined problem solver. Even 15months he was figuring out how to get a stool, move it, and climb up to grab the doctor's computer. Even though it took him a few tries to get the placement, he did it! The doctor just laughed in amazement.

Parker was plagued with ear problems from a VERY early age and had about an ear ache a month until he got tubes at 16 months. Because of these ear issues, and because he's the baby and we let him get away with grunts, at his 18 month appointment he was behind on his speech. We made appointments and met with specialist. By the time he tested at the age of 19 months we what we found out was astonishing, but very Parker. In all of  his developmental areas (besides speech) he is functioning at a 25-26 month old. They were floored too by his attention span and were able to do far more with him than a typical 19 month old. But his speech? Not behind for his age, just his development level! They said he was just barely at the 19 month old level for speech but they would like to see it on the same level of his other areas. And they were impressed that he was so incredible at getting what he wanted because he found other ways to communicate his wants to us! I mean I knew he was smart! ;)

 One of Parker's favorite pass times is dumming. Anything ON anything. To the point where I'm terrified that he's going join a band, get discovered, go on tour, and then do a stent in rehab before he even gets out of diapers! His favorite "stick"? A plastic golf club... yet Thanks Aunt Jessie and Uncles Dan! ;)

Did I mention he likes to eat?
 Parker is a silly, fun little boy. Where Kinsley was blatantly obstinate, Parker is just curious. He is constantly making us all laugh! He's been a grunter since the day he was born and we love to hear him confirm what you're saying with his little Tim the Tool Man grunt!
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