Monday, October 28, 2013

Man My Timing ROCKS!

Man my timing ROCKS! Like seriously Rocks. I've decided that I need to really step it up with the efforts to lose the weight I hate and I really have bought into this whole, primal, clean eating way of it... so I'm doing my own version of the 21 Day Primal Blueprint/ Whole 30.

I've seen many people, people that I ACTUALLY KNOW (not just some face on a website) have a lot of success with eating clean. Not just have they been able to lose weight (come on the reason we really are going to do this) but they sleep better, have more energy, had health issues solved, etc. AND they have amazing poop babies, come on you all know that's a BIG plus!

Still reading after that doozy?

So I'm going to walk you through the ins and outs of my detox from refined sugars and carbs! I have a MAJOR addiction to it all so this should get good! And like with any good diet/life style change I have impeccable timing!  But really, is there ever a good time? Just because Halloween is this week and we have friends coming over for a BBQ on Saturday... that means NOTHING! (OMG I already miss all the candy and beer I'm not going to get to have!) But I will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving because it'll be done by then! Sliding in for a win, VICTORY!

Here's my thought process on this day 1. Prepping and being "ready" for this is HARD. I'm so used to convenience and being able to just grab something, or drive through and get something, but on the detox portion of this I can't even have steel cut oats! So you really have to prepare yourself. I already have enough on my plate so lets add this in. I'm not looking forward to salads EVERY DAY, so I'm going to try to cook bigger dinners so i can reheat. I'm not pumped AT ALL to workout, like AT ALL. But I'm going to try to get something in! Maybe. Oh God now I'm already giving up.

Yesterday I made a Frittata that I then separated into slices so I could bring them to work this week easily for breakfast! And it's not a cold breakfast and it's pretty filling! Lunch is a salad, I have an apple and banana for snacks, dinner... no clue.

So right now I'm okay. But it's also first thing in the morning on day one. gulp.

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