Thursday, October 10, 2013

Furloughing right along

Well on September 29th we went to a pumpkin patch and there ended our "fun". Notice there's no Parker in this picture? It's because he was feeling sick and cranky. Then the bottom fell out... furloughed. Yup pretties, I'm a government employee so that means I have to stay home. We aren't allowed to get other jobs to get us thought because "we have a job". This past weekend the kids spent the night at Grandma's but K woke up on Sunday not feeling her best... now it's Thursday and she's still sick! YUCK. We went to the doctor on Monday where she was tested for strep and was sent home with a virus determination, but if the fever is still around on Thursday to bring her in... well it's Thursday...

But I know all of y'all are like "um we don't care about sick kids, we have those, what ARE you DOING on your forced vaca?
Well I painted a buffet in my dinning room blue

I might be in love!~ It was just this redish-brown before so it's AMAZING now!
I have also:
Cleaned my house
Done laundry non-stop
Stained the deck (OMG NEVER AGAIN!)
Switched the TV from Verizon to dish to save $40 a month!
cleaned the carpet
ran 23,409,220,394 errands
made homemade dinners again
taken care of a sick girl
organized trouble areas
Sanded the Cabinets
Decorated for Fall/Halloween

Still to do?
Paint a wall chevron (just added this today!!)
Find a new bank
clean out the filing cabinet
change the kids rooms? (was going to wait until later closer to December, but if this furlough keeps on through next week I think it might get bumped up!)
Clean out the fridge
Clean all the bathrooms
re-paint the cabinets
clean the walls
change out/add photos

And the list keeps growing. I'm keeping busy since I can't even check my work email without losing my jobs. And it is nice to get a chance to do all this, especially since September (being the end of our Fiscal Year) was so crazy... but the unknown is still very stressful!

Happy Furlough!
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