Tuesday, July 10, 2012

iPhone... the only reason y'all are getting to see pictures! lol

I found my feet!!
Mommy Loves monograms!
Brother sister love~
Gotta love fingers and toes getting painted by Grandma!
Daddy's turn... don't worry he didn't let me leave it on there! lol
OMG I'm going to eat those cheeks!

Loving dress up, luckily she hasn't tried to wear this one out of the house... too big!
This is my daughter... the end.
Parker's first time in a swing... he just chilled... think he liked the breeze!
K found a bunny!
Mommy Daddy time at the winneries with Uncle Dan and Aunt Jessie!
K's first dance class!
Gotta love a cupcake face!
Happy 4th, dang she's so grown up!
Feeding the geese and ducks with Sasha
personal fave!

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