Monday, July 9, 2012

potty training follow up

So I just wanted to throw out a quick update to the potty training.

let me begin this by saying, DON'T DO IT! KEEP your kids in diapers forever. When they go to college they are bound to see other people using the potty and will copy them!

Now we chose to do it the hard way and train her ourselves with the help of daycare. OKAY let me rephrase that... Daycare decided to potty train her with the help of us! They are rock stars there I tell you... getting her to using the potty without tears! AMAZING! Here was the problem... when she came home. OFTEN when she came home there were poop and pee accidents, ESPECIALLY poop... boo.

The thing is though that she would POOP at school most of the time IN the potty, she had also pooped a few times in our potties, so i knew SHE knew how to do it. But, she wouldn't! UH! For those of you who don't know, changing a kid who pooped in their underwear sucks. It makes me want to gauge my eyes out with a spoon. I would rather throw her in the bathtub and just hose her down in her clothes until the poop is gone, rather then change her and clean her up. SUCKS. Even worse because you have to throw some crap her way about how it's okay and she'll do better next time. When you REALLY want to scream WHY DIDN'T YOU GO IN THE POTTY??!?! YOU KNOW HOW TO! YOU'RE SO GROSS! But, that kind of talk is frowned upon in the potty training world... and I'm NOTHING if not politically correct, right? *cough cough*

So what was our turning point? Minnie Mouse panties. She already had some, but I happened to stumble across another pack and since she was pooping out hers (and you better believe I threw away 80% of those rather than clean them) I bought them. I brought them home and she saw them and WANTED THEM like fat girl wants a cupcake. But I had an amazing moment of clarity. I told her she could only have them once she pooped in the potty 5 times. And you know what? Girl did it and didn't have any accidents! I'm not shitting (har har) you! Over the next few days she actually but her poop IN the potty and earned her panties! So we went out and got her a new "prize" (matchbox cars) and every time she pooped in the potty she got a car. In the last week plus, the kid has only had 2 pee accidents and one poop. AND that was with us taking cars trips AND spending the night away from home! She POOPED at OTHER people's houses!!! Hot Shit (har har)!

Here's my pointers.
1. Books suck, but read them... you'll find one good tidbit in each one
2. Once you start DON'T go back... we had to at one point because of a random stomach bug and it hurt us
3. Pull-ups are pointless except for naps and night time (I'm not ready to potty train there yet)
4. two words "Thick" "Underwear". Get it. That thin shit with characters on it is only good for bribery... NOT for stopping the pee from ending up a puddle on your floor. The thick stuff catches some, and keeps your little one nice and wet so they get really uncomfortable! TOTALLY AWESOME!
5. Throw that shit away. No seriously. I know it sounds bad to throw away a perfectly good pair of panties but really, are they THAT good? Do you REALLY want to pry them off, scrape them clean (I just threw up in my mouth) and then try to get the poop stains out of them??? No, it's cool, they are cotton, mother nature will forgive you, she wouldn't clean them either... save your sanity for important battles, like fruit snacks and lollipops.
6. Just don't give up, cleaning it up sucks... the potty dance sucks... constantly asking your kid to pee sucks... not having to smell a dirty diaper again is AWESOME!

Good Luck!

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