Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And my son has a big head

GEZZ what is with these post of mine! HA... Parker is 9 months old... pics to follow... and we had his well visit... even though he is barely well!

Last weekend he had a mild fever but i chucked it up to teething because he's in teething hell right now, complete with a blood blister/abcest in his gum that will crack open and bleed everywhere once the tooth comes through. BUT he wasn't doing great so I took him to the Pedi... they said "Bad Cold". K.

Next day, not getting any better, actually worse so it was after hours and he was throwing up food too so we took him to the ER because you could feel and hear him breathing. They heard crackles in his chest but it all came back fine.

Next day fever spiked to 103.7 so we went back to the pedi and he had an ear infection. Great, FINALLY we'll get meds. Except it's all chalky and gross and he throws up on me almost every time he takes it, yummy.

Fast forward to yesterday, 9 month well visit!~~

18lb 7oz (16%)
28.25" long (81%)
and his head is 19" (98%)

Problem being, his head is growing faster than the rest of him... SOOO now we get to go and get an ultrasound to make sure he doesn't have fluid around his brain, not scary at all...

Luckily my brother-in-law and my dad both have HUGE heads so at least we know they run in the family~

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