Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I want to go to Vagina

Yup you read that right... little girl wants to go to Vagina.... except she meant North Carolina! HA

See it all started yesterday when I told her we were going home (while at her daycare) and she insisted that she didn't want to go home she wanted *mumble mumble mumble* vagina... "Um PLEASE repeat that honey" and again, same answer...

She went over to her teacher and repeated what she said to me and the teacher looks up at me with a "WTF" face and I'm all like "THANK YOU that's what I heard too!"

After a few more tries the teacher was able to decifer out that little lady was saying "I want to go to North Carolina" hmmm

She's just ready to see Sasha and Pop Pop. NOT... well... yea

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