Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back it up~

So there's a blog I've recently been following... Miss Madison's Charmed Life. Megan is an awesomely funny and sweet person that is a true inspiration to me! She talks about her super cute daughter, all of her awesome DIY projects around her house, and her weight loss journey. Well a while ago she posted about some jeans that she has grown out of:
*Photos courtesy of Miss Madison's Charmed Life

Well she got new ones and didn't know what to do with the old ones and I was all like "I'm a big girl, help me bling out my butt! AND it'll remind me every time I wear them that I can do it too!"

And you know what??? She MAILED THEM TO ME! I'M NOT SHITTING YOU! She's THAT cool!

BAM bling on my butt! They are a little short, not that's nothing a pair of flats can't fix~ I LOVE them and I LOVE what they represent! And I LOVE her for inspiring me!

SO just wait world, I'll be pass these babies along to someone one day when I look like her, but the question is, will you be worthy of THE JEANS?


  1. hahahahah!!!! I love it!!!!! Your ass looks great in them!

  2. That's awesome. I love Megan's blog! You can pass those jeans along to me one day! I'm hoping I'll be about that size by April when I do my second half marathon. :)