Wednesday, November 7, 2012

hello loves, change is in the making

I've been MIA, I know... i've been in training and well, life has been going on in the evenings, so the blog has suffered. BUT, i haven't stopped reading your blogs and y'all haven't stopped motivating me! That being said, there are some changes a-brewin!

1. Parker is everywhere and crazy
2. I got my MINI-VAN!!!
3. I'm going to start a workout program...
4. I'm starting The Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise

these will all be updates that I will provide you with, today i'll start from the bottom up!

I like to be told yes and no about stuff, i don't do well in the eat whatever you want and track it world.  So as you can guess counting calories or weight watcher points etc are just not helping me. Other problem, I have a serious addiction to sugar. LIKE WHOA! So i've been researching different options and well, i came across this and i like it. i'm doing the 14 day fast track plan, that will take you into a longer plan... but i like fast jump starts, it motivates me.

Here's an example of a daily menu

Breakfast: 2 eggs, scrambled; Avocado; mushrooms; coffee with half and half
Snack: cheese (1 serving)
Lunch: spinach salad with chicken breast and bell peppers with olive oil-and-vinegar dressing
snack; hard boiled egg
dinner: sauteed pork chop, broccoli, mushrooms, salt and pepper to taste
treat: 1 oz dark chocolate and hot beverage with low-sugar whipped cream OR a glass of red wine!

I mean how doable is this?!?! the core of this is really about getting off sugar dependency and starting to eat super carbs. Now it does appear that a lot of this is just a low carb/no carb kind of diet... which for me i think is important because i'm SOOO carb addicted. It's out of control. like for real. So eventually you'll get to add back in carbs but you have to keep a count (dum da dum dum) to make sure you aren't getting too much unwanted sugar... lets see if i can get through these first two weeks, THEN we'll move forward.

what are your plans? what are your favorite menus?

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  1. YAY MINI VAN! I know you're so excited about it, congrats! :)