Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Operation Sexy Dress

So you might have read me mention (kinda like heard me mention but we're in a blog world so I type and you read) about the fact that my hubs is the best man in a wedding that's on NEW YEARS EVE! Well as excited as I am about this, it's been a bit of a source of stress for me. I want to look BANGIN at this wedding. I'm one of the only girls that's not in the wedding (which is totally expected because even though the bride and I are friends we're not bridesmaid asking worthy friends) so therefore I have to pick out my dress. Also I'm one of the larger girls in the group, all the others are the old me, the early college me, the size 4 or smaller me. AND HELLO it's a NEW YEARS EVE wedding, I want to dress up and feel awesome! So I bought this dress

This dress is sooo not something I would have bought in the last say, 5 years. MAYBE 7. It's tight on the bottom. Like see here's my uterus where I birthed two children tight. The top is awesome because I have big girls and so I can wear a decent bra with it. But the bottom... oh and do you see it's short. It doesn't look as short on her as it does me because her legs are about 10 inches longer than mine and about 10 inches smaller but ya know. Currently, when i workout, yeah my thighs clap for me... seriously.

So we're on operation sexy dress! Great time of year for this crap huh? Here's the 411 on what I'm doing. I'm doing a high protein low/no carb diet. I'm drinking 64oz of cucumber/lemon water a day plus more water, etc after that's gone. I'm staying away from artificial sweeteners (or all sugar) since Dr. Oz and everywhere else says it can actually stunt weight loss. I will give myself one cheat day a week, so I don't give up and go crazy. Also I'm doing Insanity 4-5 times a week (lets me realistic here and admit I'm not a 6 days a week kind of girl yet).

Typical day of eating for me looks like:
Coffee with half and half
eggs with mushrooms, bell pepper, onions, Canadian bacon and a half an avocado
string cheese
spinach salad with roasted chicken and olive oil and balsamic vinegar
hard boiled egg
few hand fulls of almonds here and there
dinner will be meat and a veg and a salad.

I eat a carb once a day... it's small and i make it count!

So far I've already lost quite a bit of my belly flab! I'm FAR from dress ready but it's already working!!!

SO here we go on this month long journey to operation sexy dress... don't worry, i have a few ideas for new operations after this one is a mission complete!

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