Monday, June 17, 2013

Lets get IT together! Right now...

We had a VERY busy weekend! This is just a little taste of the pictures, I'll have A LOT more coming, I promise!
Kinsley had her first dance recital. That was a chaotic mess but SO adorable! LOVED being a dance Mom!!! And Kinsley LOVED wearing makeup!

We got the kids baptized at our new church home. We've decided to be Lutheran! It's such an awesome mix of Chris's Catholic upbringing yet NOT catholic so I'm very happy with it too! Especially our Pastors! They rock!

Here's Kinsley with her Godfather (my brother)... her Godmother (Melody, my friend) was already committed to singing at her church so she couldn't make it... but she was there in prayer and spirit!

And here's Parker's Godparents (Chris's brother Dan and his soon to be wife, Jessie!)

He was running around trying to read the Bible... boy just likes to read but it made for obviously cute photos!

This is out of order, outside of the restaurant that we ate at after K's recital there was a water pad that the kids HAD to play in! SOOOO Cute!
So as you can see it was JAM PACKED! But so awesome and special.
And I've started Bob Harpers Jumpstart to Skinny! I'm using his diet plan to help me eat cleaner and healthier and to Jumpstart me loosing weight. It's not going to be easy (like not drinking at a BBQ on saturday) but it's time I sucked it up and just deal with it do I can get the results I want!
I'll keep you posted on how that goes for me... this smoothie is not going well! YUCK

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