Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sometimes life just happens...

Despite my lack of posting we have been chuggin along. We've been dealing with illnesses, jobs going crazy, lots happening on our non-stop weekends. And of course I've been getting my sweat on!
Parker got his first haircut! OMG
He also had his 15month check up... where he's tall and skinny, despite his Budda belly!

"I'm not skinny Mom!"

I chopped off all  my hair!

I love it! I think i want it even shorter!

We went to some birthday parties~

K is a hambone and had her dance pictures

The pool opened!

Parker got a sword in Gettysburg and it's his favorite toy EVER.

We've also hit the age of epic meltdowns. And let me tell you, he makes Kinsley's look tame!

This one is at Home Depot. I wouldn't let him play with a broken splited stick... oh the horrors!

And despite this terrible, weirdly scrunched photo, I'm getting my sweat on now at a gym! Because it's HOT people!

So there's the catch up.

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