Thursday, August 3, 2017

Camping trip #1 the Maiden Voyage

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So for our first trip, they suggest you stay local so that if anything goes wrong or if you're missing anything you can fix it or get it. Well our friends live 10 minutes from us and have almost 50 acres and asked if we wanted to spend Memorial Day weekend with them and their family camping. In the back of the property they have hook ups (electric) for 4-5 campers, so we said "shooot yeah!" So off we went! 

Sadie can hardly believe her luck!! 

This was my poor old dog the whole time, laying in the rocks. She had a blanket but decided to just stay where she fell because she was so tired from the excitement.

First time setting the Girl up, think she's looking pretty good!

Well she got half on at least.

This little man could not have been happier about this trip. Since it's 50 acres of private land he was allowed to just go and explore and have fun with his friends. When I say friends the boy had 4 other boys to play with!!

So they have all this land because they have a farm! How cool right! So while there we got to teach the kids a few things and help with the farm chores. 

Which involved rounding up chickens, that don't lay anymore, to sell.

She thought they were more pet than anything.

They also sell goats for meat.

This was the kids 80% of the time. On some vehicle off somewhere. Don't worry we only let the 9 year old drive 😂

These are their 4-H show goats

There were also 3 Llamas and 2 donkeys

Fresh eggs every morning. Parker's #1 favorite thing to do

Besides this

Campfire cookin. That log is actually a concrete fire pit made to look like a log! I tell ya the Brown's don't do anything halfway.

Campfire cheesesteak

Don't you camp with a Margarita machine?

Our amazing host, who is also giving me her camping tips and tricks!

The last night they brought out their 8ft Wok to make us dinner. #notkidding

Oh yeah I didn't mention I had a level III sprain for this? Because I did, and it was new.

And our departure lunch? Well it's Maryland so of course we had crabs!!!

Once we got home and unpacked, everything went back to normal.

But we have found a new love and a new way to get those kids disconnected. Here's to many more adventures! 

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