Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Camping Trip #4: My Parents choice

Chris and I wanted to be able to take my parents and his Mom on one of our adventures in our camper so we asked them where they wanted to go. My Mom had heard about Chincoteaque and mentioned that, so we looked into it. Well they swim wild horses from one island to the other once a year, however it's in the middle of the week and we're only doing weekend trips. So, we figured we would just go to the island and see them at least. 

We found a KOA, and since I bought a KOA membership we figured we would let it pay itself off (you get 10% of stay and by our second stay we were saving money!). The KOA was really nice, completely shaded, and 10 minutes from the beach! Score! 

We pulled in, set up, and went straight to the pool. The pool that felt like bath water! Gross! At least it got the sweat off. 

We then changed clothes and decided to explore the town some before our dinner reservations! And look what we found!

Ponies! We were driving and passed the Chincoteaque Pony Centre! The kids absolutely loved it!

While Kinsley was taking her turn Parker turned to me and said "Mom, I'm so excited I get to ride a horse, finally my dreams are coming true!" Ha that kid! 

Here is is living the dream apparently. 

For dinner we had an amazing treat from my parents of a crab feast! We're from Maryland so we eat crabs whenever possible, luckily my kids are getting on board with it!

Don't you love his tshirt? 

This trip was especially epic since this little man learned to ride his bike without training wheels! So proud of him! Haven't been able to get him off since!

The full day that we were there we went to the beach. This little man was determined not to go in the waves, then he saw his big sister enjoying them and I couldn't keep him out of them! Eventually chris and I just brought our chairs out to the surf so we were closer, and my ankle was still recovering, and little man thought sure sounds like a great idea! 

My happy place. 

Goofballs. Why do kids enjoy being covered in sand. It gets In the worst places. 

Out there are the ponies they are going to round up. They round up the wild ponies for the swim, to check them over, give them any medical attention, and to sell some off to keep the population under control. 

After dinner at the camper we took Kinsley to a spot she had been "dying" to go the whole time. Build Your Own Cookie. It's a cute food truck where you pick your cookie, ice cream flavor, and then topping! Kinda amaz-balls. 

These are the wild ponies they rounded up. 

It was a magical trip and I'm so glad my parents got to go with us. Having lived in NC until recently I feel like they missed a lot, so it was nice having them there for this! Especially Parker and his bike!!! 

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