Monday, August 7, 2017

Camping Trip #3: Mom's Impromptu Trip

I didn't think my trip was going to take place until next year, but thanks to my husband's campsite stalking I didn't have to wait! 

 Our Campsite was one of my favorite parts of this trip! We stayed at the KOA and it was wonderful! We had a site that was close to the action yet felt so private! Look at all the boulders surrounding us!
 The kids loved playing on them and it felt so Gettysburg!

 This KOA was exceptional! The customer service was top notch and it was so clean and well kept! Definitely want to return!
The kids had a run in with their first frog, meaning the first one they actually held.  

Parker was a little skittish! HA, it was comical, he tried again after this leap.  
 So we were here for the reenactment weekend that takes place on July 1-3. It was amazing, for me. For the kids it's still out to be determined. They thought it was interesting but hot, and a lot of learning. We found out that they were having church services in the morning and thought this was a wonderful experience, not to mention we were missing our service.

Kinsley met some important people. She and Mrs. Lee bonded over her dress~

 The next day we went on a tour around Gettysburg that catered a little to the kids. Chris and I enjoyed it, the kinds tolerated it for the most part. They enjoyed parts of it, but I'll make little historians out of them one day.
We got to ride in a 1930s bus and it was an adventure to say the least.  

Kids got to learn about how hard it was to be a soldier, i'll spare you the 3 minute long video. 

Kinsley met more influential people. 
The KOA had a lot of really great features that the kids LOVED. This playground was great and we could see it from our campsite so the kids could go "adventure".

Parker asked about every half hour if he could go to the jumping pad.

We mined for Gems.. enter eye roll, the crap kids want to bring home. Yeah we were all so excited that but the time we got home the kids completely forgot about the Gems, so exciting.

I would say this picture is proof of a good trip. Chris and I learned right away that for us to have a stress free evening we let them fall asleep on the table bed watching a moving and then move them to their beds later. 

Gettysburg was a great trip but next time Chris and I are going to go without the kids. It's still a little too much learning with too much heat for them to be interested. 

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