Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby steps yesterday!

I did a workout! I don't even want to think about how long it's been, but I can FEEL how long... I'm not deadly sore but I'm sore today! I did Jillian Michael's (from the biggest looser) 30-day shred yesterday! I was so proud of myself! It's taken a lot to get me motivated enough to get moving! But the last two days I've really been tracking my points and being careful to make sure I'm making good choices. I can already see a difference too! My bloated belly is starting to look less bloated! I know i haven't lost weight or anything but I've been getting rid of water weight and that's great b/c that's what helps make you shirts look lumpier, so today I'm less Lumpy!!! At lunch I'm going with a co-worker over to a seminar about weight loss, it's an intro to a fitness/food plan a trainer here is starting. I don't know if i can afford it but maybe i'll pick up some tips today that will help!

Here's to two days down! YEA!

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