Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Photos of me that i wish were different

So these are my "Get your Butt in GEAR" photos... they are ones i wish i could change for the most part, but they will change and i will put new ones on here as it gets better... but i thought you might like a reference point to work from.
So this is me pre-surgery (had a sweat gland removed from my inner thigh) at my brothers graduation from law school (i just changed b/c i was about to get in the car for 5 hours). This was when i was getting back into shape, after the cherry blossom run... in May 08. But then after surgery it all went down hill!

This one i DEEPLY hate, it was the weekend after my honeymoon.... yep that's my fat arm, double chin, and oh if you could see the rest! I felt so ugly there, but this is what i will look at every time i want to give up!

This was March 07... please notice how my boobs are about to over take my poor husband and my arms are the size of his! GAH!

This is in February, Do you see my chin... granted i'm cheesin weird but still!

The 10 Mile Cherry Blossom Run at Mile 5 in April... i did it but i wish i had done it with a smaller butt~

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  1. Hi there! dmuppet7 from The Nest here. Just want you to know I'll be following your blog and cheering for you! I think it's really brave of you to put these pictures up - it's no fun to remind yourself of what you DON'T want, but I agree it'll motivate you.

    Good luck!