Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I told you change was coming!

SO here it is! My weight loss blog. That's all this will be (well i MIGHT vent especially when someone stupid MADE me eat a whole bag of chips!) So here it goes!

The gruesomeness begins!

Height: 5' 6 1/2" (don't forget that half!)
Weight: 165 ish (cringe)
BMI: 26.6 (= officially overweight!)
Rt Thigh:24.5
Rt upper arm: 12

Now here are my long term goals

Weight: 135
Bust: can stay the same but going down an inch or two would be GREAT
Waist: 28
Hips: 38
Thigh: 19
Arm: 9
Neck: 11

Short Term: Meaning By January
Weight: 153

My Fitness Goal for now is to walk my dogs! They NEED this and it's good for me too. Once I am doing this on a regular basis I'll add in more.

Another important part of my journey that you will see is that I need to be Gluten Free... details being...

I have over half of the symptoms of Celiac's disease. I have been blood tested and it was negative but i was told that i could still have it. Also i could just have a gluten sensitivity. Which i have found that to at least be true because i feel much better when i go gluten free! So part of this weight loss journey will also be adapting to this disease.

I need ya'lls support and accountability. Help me out, ask me how i'm doing, and PLEASE don't offer me gluten free cakes. HAHAHA! So here we go~

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  1. you are so cute. we can do this girlfriend. hey, and did you get my bday message on your phone!?