Monday, October 6, 2008

Downfall of the weekend

WOW! I WAS doing so well this weekend with my eating, etc but then da da da... it all went down hill!! The important thing is though not to feel like a failure, even though i know i'm just hurting myself!
Saturday I had an egg and cheese sandwich on gluten free bread. I had wine to drink during the BBQ and Chris and i had hot dogs and chicken. My neighbors even had potato salad for me and dips with corn chips! But alas once to the wine was gone the beer turned on! AH!
Sunday was just hateful over all! I had flour chips with my dip and my chicken casserole, which i found out through further investigation has gluten in it. Then i didn't have any wine and so i drank beer... and finished it all off with a burger with the bun! After all that my body went into shut down mode and we had to go home. I was asleep by 8pm!

So here's the plan for the next two weeks.
2. More Veggies
3. Only water and green tea to drink (no sodas, no coffee)
4. No alcohol.
5. Eat only on a small plate, to try to limit my portions.
6. Walk the dogs.

When i finish the next two weeks i know i'll feel SOO much better when all is said and done because of this. So any support and watchful eyes would be great! Thanks!

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