Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day Two: What kind of choices have YOU made?

Hmmm... well i did NOT walk the dogs yesterday... BUT i do have a reason besides my DVR was full and i needed to catch up on the TV watching. On the way home from work i had the WORST stomach pains, even going around and up my back... weird gas?? Don't know b/c eventually it just went away. BUT I had a decent eating day:
Breakfast: okay bombed this one with gluten free french toast sticks and syrup but whateve!
Had coffee with fat free creamer and splenda!
Lunch was Fat Free and Gluten Free Veggie Soup (YUM!) and a small salad with Fat Free Italian dressing.
Snacks: Carrots and a can of peaches in pear juice (120cals for the peaches)
When i got home i had salsa and corn tortilla chips
Dinner was AMAZING!!
I cooked flounder (i think that's what it was) in the oven with Zesty Italian dressing topped with mushrooms, low fat mozzarella cheese and parsley! With it we had gluten free Mac and Cheese and Asparagus. It was incredable... go to my food blog for details!

After dinner i laid down until i had to go to choir practice. I HAD to go because we were auditioning for the different solo/trio etc parts for the Christmas production and BOY am I glad i went!!! I think I might be getting the part I want! I sang and he seemed really impressed! YEA! He even told my friend (who went in next) how impressed he was with how I sounded on the song! OKAY enough "bragging" I was just so shocked because I wasn't expecting much since I'm the "new kid" at this church! YEA!

Today I've had oatmeal with I can't believe it's not butter and splenda and I've had a morning tea. The Tea was caffine free so I'm sure I'll make my coffee soon!

My Goals for today are:
1. Not to over eat at lunch (getting taken out for my b-day)
2. Get in my water for today (I was told to drink half my weight in oz... so i weigh 157/2= 78.5)
3. Walk my dogs this afternoon before i go to my cake decorating class.

You MIGHT be looking at #2 thinking hmmm... but i weighed myself this morning and that's what the scale said! NOT that i lost 8lbs over night... i was actually just assuming that i weighed 165 since i have this INCREDIBLY SEXY muffin top... but guess I was wrong!
Hey small victories right!?!?

"It took a while to develop a bad habit; it'll take a while to develop a good one"

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