Monday, February 6, 2012

damn false alarm

Really awesome of Parker to give us a false alarm. Never had issues with K...

Thursday I was feeling a lot of pain like contractions, but i have so much pain everywhere else that it was hard to time the contractions so they sent me to Labor and Delivery. While there they checked me and I wasn't any more dilated then i was the day before at my appointment so the doctor wanted me to walk around for TWO hours to see if that would get the contractions more consistent and productive. I walk FOREVER. By hour two the contractions hurt like hell, brought tears to my eyes... but i just knew it wasn't it. AND Damn if it wasn't a huge tease to walk around for TWO HOURS hearing babies being born!

Well after two hours they checked me and I hadn't dilated anymore so home I went where my contractions stopped and never had another one all weekend. Awesome.

Yesterday I was all crampy and notice I was losing lots of mucus plug so I'm hoping that means I've dilated more. Today I'm crampy and crabby. He's super low. Hurts me actually. I didn't sleep AT ALL last night. I couldn't get comfortable, every position actually hurt, not just wasn't the sweet spot... it hurt. And so i was up every hour peeing too.

I'm pissed today. I'm still pregnant and not a happy "look at my cute" belly pregnant. A "OMG any pants I wear hurt my crotch and lower belly" pregnant. I'm pooping non-stop (had to leave K in her room in the middle of putting her shirt on so I could go and poop) and crampy. I'm tired but i know i can't sleep or find a position to get comfortable enough in to sleep. I have little to no work to do and i Just Want This Kid Out. Yet the hubs is all like "he can't come until Wednesday night because i have a meeting on Tuesday and one on Wednesday that decides if my company will get more work"... WHICH I totally get, and i know the baby is coming when the baby wants to come... and i want to at least wish for Chris's sake that Parker will wait but honestly I JUST WANT HIM OUT.

I keep having dreams about Parker... mostly breastfeeding ones. Last night i did dream that he was born at like 9 almost 10 pounds and that he felt like a toddler and I kept not being able to find him to feed him so i was always worried about my supply and if he was even being fed to begin with. I just need him out!

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  1. The end is in sight. Hopefully you're able to hold up until he decides to come.