Friday, February 10, 2012

I've given up all hope

But at least i have an induction date!

I went to the doctor and I'm a "good" 2 centimeters dilated and "more" effaced (i was 50% or so effaced). We're still scheduling the induction for the 17th and well, I've given in to the idea that he will be born on the 17th. My doctor said fun things like "well MAYBE he'll still come! there's a chance"... BAH don't say things to give me hope. She doesn't know anything... just because she's got an MD doesn't mean she has a magic ball.

On top of that, I'm also sick... sinus or something... awesome.

that's all i want to talk about this. i'm tired of being pregnant and i just want to bitch and moan so i'm going to stop typing before i lose all of my readers~

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  1. I'm hoping baby girl comes before the 17th too! Although for me, if she doesn't it means another c-section. Here's hoping these kids decide to come early