Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

This smile is courtesy of the waffles she is consuming! YEA!

I felt like a rockstar Mom this morning! I felt better than I have in DAYS. I got K presentable... got MYSELF presentable (even washed and dried my hair!), made her little treats to take for breakfast for her friends
Sent her to school with her Valentines and pink Rice Krispy Treats! Put dinner in the crock pot, and got us to her daycare only 10 mins late! HOLLA!

If this baby came today it would be partially sad because i would miss her little party and our playdate tonight BUT i would be okay with it because I would know SHE is at school enjoying her party and I did everything a Momma could do to help her have a good time at it!

Nice to feel like my old self again!

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