Friday, February 3, 2012

Sorry guys

I'm sorry i've been MIA. I've had like a million things to complain to you about and a million stories to bore you with but then i didn't have access to blogger AND then i was in the hospital...

I know dramatic... but it wasn't. I had been having contractions off and on yesterday but kind of consistent, so i called the doctor and they sent me to labor and delivery to be monitored. I was having irregular contractions and i hadn't dilated any more then I was (2cent), so they told me to walk around for TWO HOURS! I walked and I walked and I walked. After about an hour or so of walking the contractions starting coming pretty regular and they were bad enough to make me stop and have to breathe through them. After an hour of that they rechecked me and still at a two. BOO.

Home I went. Laid down. Contractions stopped. double boo. so now my whole body is sore and i'm home and well... that's where this story ends.

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