Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What a day What a day...

Kinsley had a Valentine's Day party yesterday at school and I got to attend! I love these events and having a job that allows me to help and attend!
Here's my little Cupcake in the hat she made for the occasion!
She was VERY excited about the fruit snacks another parent brought.

These are all of her little friends that we get to hear her tell stories about every night at dinner. I love how good they all are, so tiny sitting so nicely around the table eating. OMG! And then they'll throw their plates away too, by themselves! These little people are growing up too fast!

She's very social with her friends and often acts like she has to keep order at the table! lol

What really floored me was when I arrived they were all sitting on the reading rug and each one was on their name... and the teacher didn't put them there, they know where their name is! Kinsley actually recognizes her name on papers and things. If they get up the teacher says go sit on your name and THEY DO! Where is my little baby? So glad on Friday I'll have another one coming since this one is obviously so big and grown up! I just love her and the person she's turning into!

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