Thursday, October 25, 2012

I covet thee

So currently I drive a pretty bad ass Mom-mobile, a Honda Pilot. But there is a big problem in my current grocery getter... no room. Now I'm sure there's a few of you that have twelve kids and a Civic perfectly fits your needs...  but it just isn't working for us. I have two car seats in my car, a double stroller, a potty (must be prepared when potty training!), and then when we're on a trip add in the hubs and possibly two dogs and all of our crap. NOT cool. When we go on a trip I get to sit in our third row, I know I know, you're thinking "WHA you have a third row and need more room? HOW Erin?". Well it's like this. When the third row is up there is NO room. You can't even fit a suitcase behind the seat. So when we go on trips I put up with the 3rd row seats so that i can have access Parker because he's in the side seat and K is in the middle seat for her leg room. To get to this seat I have to crawl over the back seats or over Parker's seat, hopefully not clocking him in the head on my way. We leave the rest of the 3rd row down for storage reasons and put whatever won't fit in the car on the luggage rack. So it's me and the luggage.

When I get lonely or Parker is sleeping I like to try to get more room for my legs and visit the hubs... in the front This involves acrobats of climbing over the seats and children to the front while trying not to hurt the hubs while he's driving (yes I'm still semi-flexible). Obviously I don't need you to call your cop friends in to tell me this is not safe. Now this is ALL without the dogs. Add in a 30lb mutt and a 70lb lab and like whoa life sucks!

So I've been wanting a minivan since Parker was born. I used to be completely opposed to this Mom-trosity but COME ON! They have doors that open with a button! When your child would like nothing more than to play in traffic and you REALLY don't want to put down your beer (KIDDING) it would be so nice to push a button, their door open and bam they run in there instead of traffic!

OR how about having a third row WITH room behind it for luggage!?!?!? OR how about getting to walk (not catapult yourself) from the front to the back to take care of kids during a long trip to visit the grandparents!?!?

Fast forward to my coveting... I was in a wreck. Because of said wreck I get a rental car. First the company stuck me with an Impala. Now while it was nice of them to give me an upgrade from the standard size car, this car was still not cutting it for our family. Hubs is 6'3", he was eating his knees and couldn't sit up straight with the car seats behind us. So I complained to called the rental car place and cried explained my case and you know what??? They gave me a Minivan for only $5 a day out of my pocket!!!! HOLLA! Enterprise ROCKS! It's beautiful. I love it. I NEED IT! I am on a campaign with the hubs. I'm hoping after our trip this weekend to the south he'll be on board!

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