Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Part 4: Where do we go from here?

Whoa I totally dropped the ball on telling you our love story so please, let me continue!

We left off at me arriving in Maryland in a breaking down pick-up truck at midnight. Yep, I met his parents for the first time at midnight. Not REALLY how I wanted THAT first meeting to go, but I didn't care! I was with Chris!

That weekend was amazing, he took me to Annapolis, I was freezing (having packed for South Carolina!) but I didn't care. We returned to school with him towing my truck and to our friends laughing because they were surprised to see us together.

This became our norm. We were together. We were casual about it, but knew that there was no one else in each others lives. November he finally made it official asking me to be his actual girlfriend (so awkward) and the rest is history, right?

As you can imagine meeting the love of your life in college isn't all it's cracked up to be. You have so much going on and it's hard. People are coming and going into your lives, some are good, others not. Some are getting married, others are breaking up. You're dealing with the stress of exams, papers, work, summer breaks, etc. But through it all, despite one or two short breaks, we made it through.

In the summers Chris would go back to Maryland to work, while I stayed in Raleigh to work and attend summer school. The distance was lonely, but oh did it make the heart (and other things) grow fonder! I would have my car packed up before my 9am class with Stella in the seat waiting (I parked in a basement parking garage with the windows down and for less than an hour). AS soon as class let out Friday, she and I would take off for Maryland! We would meet Chris on the shore where he was building boat lifts and then spend the weekend with him, his friends, and family. We had the best summers! Sometimes he would come down to see me, even surprising me a few times! It was magic.

But, then, he graduated and I did not. I was taking my time getting through college (never been a big academic), so when he graduated in December of 04' but I knew I wasn't going to get out until summer of 05' I was devastated. Not because he was graduating, but because he was graduating and moving away and NOT coming back. This started a very difficult time for us because now I needed proof of where we stood... it was a shit or get off the pot kind of moment in our lives.

to be continued.
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