Friday, May 3, 2013

Are the kids alive?!?! Why yes they are... proof! BAM!

Warning, my spell check isn't working and i'm a terrible speller... k thanks...
Because I love y'all i'm finally giving you pictures of my kids... yes they are still alive and well.
This man you can barely get a picture of these days because he's so busy and fast... hense the blurry shot.
This girl is still being very pushy about her wardrobe, I mean as long as it has the "same" pattern it matches right?

We like to torture ourselves as parents and take the kids to things that they won't remember so we get pictures as proof of what awesome parents we are... enter visiting Thomas the Train!

Now ALL morning long Kinsley was beside herself with excitment to see Thomas, however once we got there her story changed. She was did NOT want to get on Thomas. But, like any good parent I told her to "Suck it up buttercup, Mommy didn't pay $20 for you sit on the side". So on we got and she was pretty happy about it!

Little man was beyond excited!

Now, side note about Thomas. We had friends that went to see Thomas in Lancaster, PA and raved about what an amazing experience it was (while being over crowded). So we saw that Thomas was coming to Baltimore and thought how awesome would that be?!!? So we went and it wasn't that crowded, considering... but let me tell you the experience was VERY different.
In PA they had nice old wooden trains with open windows and everyone is hanging out and feeling the breezing waving to the Amish people. Baltimore? No, we were in closed cars with Police on moterbikes escorting us and we got to see (thank God not wave) at the homeless habitates we passed by. Can you imagine?!?!? "Mommy why is there a mattress over there?" Because that's where people live who don't eat their vegatbles!!! WHA HAHAHA
The the unthinkable happened... my kids school got LICE! OMG! NOT COOL!
My kids were (and hopefully still are) spared but as a precaution I mayo'ed up their heads (because Lice hate grease) and took pictures for future senior yearbooks!

The invadors are finally starting to play with each other and Kinsley is getting her wish to boss Parker around more. Sometimes I want to tell her to cut it out but as long as he's not crying and she's not asking him to play with outlets I generally let it go.

We had picture day at school too... Parker was the typical guy "Smile for the camera buddy"

Kinsley was herself... yet somehow she let me pick out her clothes

Lastly I'll share Parker's love of Mickey Mouse with you. Mostly it's very serious business, but you can tell when Mickey makes specials appearances... so cute!
SO now you're caught up on them, i'll get back to complaining about running/weightloss... lack there of soon.

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