Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I think my body likes to be fat

Hey, we're 9 weeks into this "transformation" of mine and well it's hard as shit! Not that shit is hard, normally it's quite soft... oh TMI?

Anyway, I'm SEEING no results. I saying SEEING because that's it. I feel results in the fact that I can run farther, but I'm not seeing them on my body. It's frustrating. I know part of it is that I still don't have my eating under control, but it's not terrible! Well, in an effort to change things up AND keep running I've realized I need to add in some other stuff to my workout rotation.

Monday I went to a circuit class at the gym in my building. Y'all, I walked in there with some other over weight and older women thinking "well this will be a joke, I've done Insanity"... except this time Sean T was actually IN MY FACE! UH! Granted, I did push myself a lot harder than most of the other ladies pushed themselves, but I have a "don't be a grape in your brother-in-laws wedding" deadline!

My thoughts on the circuit class? Walking is over rated... that or my body is too old for this shit and doesn't want me to lose weight! Because it's Wednesday and I am still limping along! HOLY COW!

I "meant" to go and do upper body weights yesterday (to give my lower body a break since it's SCREAMING at me) but getting out of my chair was hard enough so that didn't happen. Today I really need to go do some but I just had some neighbors give birth at the hospital that's literally right down the street from my work, so I think cuddling newborns is a WAY better way to spend your lunch right????

Don't worry, I'm still running. It's TOTALLY NOT pretty because OMG my lower body hates me. AND I might be running like a duck because I keep forgetting to pee before I go out, but I don't want to just quit!

So that's it... the scale isn't moving, I'm not losing any inches, my whole back side feels like it's been pummeled by a wrecking ball, BUT I'm not quiting!

PS Got any EASY FAST lunches I can bring to work? I need ideas because I'm getting tired of my same old stuff.
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