Thursday, May 2, 2013

Seriously i'm like a freaking energizer bunny

Except for the energy part. Ha I seriously have none of that shit. Everyone and their mother is talking about this spark stuff and seriously i need a spark but that would mean i would have to buy something and well, the hubs is being all practical and saying we need to spend money on a roof and windows... uh grown-up first world problems.

But I'm here to tell you that even though I'm seriously lacking in the energy department I don't take that as an excuse! I get out and run almost EVERY FREAKING DAY! Note I did say almost~ ha! But seriously at least 5 days a week! Holla~!

My running buddy and I are also adding into the mix a thirty day challenge where we have to do mini arm/abs/legs workouts. Its awesome... not, but it WILL be when we have the results!!! Serious y'all!

So get your ass up because if this 175lb (that's right 5lbs DOWN!!!) heffer can run every day, take care of two kids, go to work, feed the kids... something and keep my house relatively sanitary-ish then you can too! GO Follow Me on Pinterest

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