Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh hello!

There have been about a million and one times that I almost wrote a post and then didn't... that I almost uploaded some pictures, but then I didn't. But ya know what? I'm here now.

So, I'm STILL Running!!! HOLLA! Last week i didn't run much but I was taking a break since it rained all week!! UH!

My friend and I did our first 5k together and I think we did great! According to my app we made it in right around 40mins! We averaged a 13.5min pace I think. That's GREAT for us!!!

I haven't really lost any weight. I know it's my eating but I'm not eating any worse and most days I'm eating better so this is frustrating.

But guess who just got like WHOA motivated... ME! My Brother-in-law FINALLY proposed to his girlfriend and she asked me to be a bridesmaid!! YEA! SQUEEE!~ So this is NOT going to look good in purple unless I drop some lbs! I will not look like a big ole grape up there! NO MAME! So here's my baby step goals

172-weight when i got pregnant with Parker
165- Weight when I got Pregnant with Kinsley
145- Weight I got married at
138- Weight I graduated college at
125-weight I weighed when I met chris.

DO YOU SEE THAT!?!? I've gained 50lbs since I met Chris! WHOA!
I don't want to lose the 50 because lets me realistic people, I've had two kids and things are just not going to go back... BUT 40lb? Yes please!

I've been using the LoseIt App off and on to track my food and I like it! It has a scanner, etc. So i'm going to use it more regularly to make sure i'm being honest with myself.

Also, I'm going to make sure my friend and I are running more, If we don't run, we do a video (like Insanity... You know you love me Cathy!) Also I'm going to make sure I'm adding in weight training to my weeks. I've been running for 8 weeks, I need some strength. So I'm going to go to a circuit class on Mondays here at the gym at work and a boot camp class on fridays and then do weights the other days.

Other big downfall? Not drinking my water. I can seriously go all day with one drink... not good. So i'm going to make that a huge piority. So future sister-in-law says that they are thinking April, that gives me a year. I hope to make it WAY before then, like i'm thinking December? but at least I have until April!


PS Spell check isn't working so, sorry... i know I suck at spelling
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  1. You totally just called me out...but love ya anyway. Like you - need to double down on the water. Maybe that will make all of the "extra me" go away! Your running buddy.