Thursday, March 12, 2009

Honestly not that much going on

So i'm only in the first week off my period so there's not much to report... other then I'm EXCITED! You know... to practice for a week or so in the future. Chris has been cute talking about it lately. He's been joking about how he's trying to sabotage my spermies (obviously his sperm is MINE) but drinking lots of Mountain Dew, etc. Him mentioning it at all is a big improvement. I don't have a lot of hopes for this first month out of the gate and i think when we aren't pregnant right away Chris will get a small wake up call that "Oh it doesn't happen JUST LIKE THAT"... but who knows, God may have something up he's sleeve and want Chris to say "HA I TOLD you i had super sperm"! lol we'll see. I'll post more when there's something to post, but other then my baby fever and obsession with picking out baby bedding, there's nothing going on.... but for those of you who are wondering here's come pics of what i'm liking right now!

For a boy i love a few thingsand this

and lastly

Now for my girl i'm thinking these


That's where i'm going with the rooms right now... just need the baby!

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