Friday, March 20, 2009

***imagine the sound of crickets***

Because that is my body now! I'm seriously looking down at my uterus and ovaries right now asking them what kind of messed up mind games are they trying to play with me? Because I AM NOT having ANY part of it! What am i talking about you may ask?? NOTHING.... yeah you heard me NOTHING! EVERYTHING is back to normal.... like this last week or so was just a figment of my constipated imagination. Am i constipated anymore? NO (okay i'm not upset about that one)... am i cramping anymore? NO... are my nipples raw? NO. EVERYTHING IS NORMAL? So why aren't i happy about this you may ask? Well for two reasons.

1. Everything is normal again, including I'm fat (food helps me through the cramps, plus i figured fatty foods make you poop so why not try that)! So i'm at the realization that i'm not making a baby, I'm making fat deposits on my BUTT! Yeah so WAKE UP CALL it's time to workout again and lay off the sugar.

2. Now that it's feeling normal again does that mean i failed? SOO i know if we didn't fail it's too early to feel symptoms but if we succeeded then WHY did my previous symptoms go away. I know this all sounds like i'm walking in circles and speaking in tonges but i feel like we failed. OR more so I failed. Guess we'll find out in two weeks... that is IF my cycle is a normal length cycle...

On a side note... Chris is AMAZING! I had a BAD day at work yesterday and i needed to stay late. So what did he do?? Went home early (for him) to let the dogs out and then made a very yummy dinner! He's so amazing! I think i'll keep him!

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