Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Seriously, no BCP=Constipation???

So what i go off birth control and all of a sudden i get constipated??? I mean it's only been the last few days and i stopped birth control on Feb 28th, had my period until March 8th.... and now on March 17 i'm FREAKIN CONSTIPATED! For those of you who know me i've NEVER had this problem! I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and i have NO problem in going... OFTEN! So now my body is playing mind games with me by not COMPLETELY stopping me but letting me have the occasional rabbit poop... OH you know the kind... where you push grunt and bear down thinking you're about to give birth to the poop of all poops and then plop... one TINY little rabbit poop! I even took a stool softener last night... NO HELP!!! So here's the plan... coffee this morning... hopefully that will get things moving... if we're still having issues tonight... we're moving on to the laxatives!

On other news my body is feeling like it's trying to crank back up into operational mode, you know since it's been inactive for around eight years... so the overies are restarting their systems and trying their best to crank out an egg (lets hope a good one gets out first) and I'm feeling every freakin minute of it! I mean it's almost like i'm about to start my period (even though that should be here until the end of the month into April) but oooh they are chugging away. It's kind of exciting and i want to cheer them on (YEA you can do it! Pick a good one and i'll have millions of little friends come and visit it!) but at the same time i'm thinking... "WHoa if this doesn't happen right away am i going to have to deal with this EVERY month?" Lets hope this is all just to get the systems going again... and i hope they don't forget to get another system going again... b/c it's REALLY making my back hurt!

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