Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snap Crackle POP

Yeah that's what my insides felt like last night! UUUH it was agony! Man i thought that having children was this natural instinct that was primal and God given. It's in all other animals to want to do this, to NEED to do this... so why does it hurt? I mean if that was ovulation and THAT is going to happen every month when i'm fertile then whenever i do pop some kids out (okay squeeze push and grunt them out) they WILL know ALL i went through to have them! Not just the labor OOOOH NO, their "beautiful" conception! And IF that was it (which i'm not even positive about since i'm not charting) then i have two weeks of waiting before i know if it did any good! UH!

*side note, for those of you who are wondering what THAT is.... It's the last oh 3ish days of my body getting "revved up"... this involved constipation, then constant but unfulfilling poops, cramps worse then aunt flo, random other pains i didn't know my body could do, and raw feeling nipples. Yea you just can't wait now to stop the pill can you??? And of course my darlin man specimen was more then supportive when i told him about my pains, by simply telling me to go back on the pill. UH NO, i have a goal in mind, it's going to be worth it! Right?

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