Monday, March 30, 2009

And that was that...

So i think it's over... my first cycle of TTC. It was a pretty short cycle being only 28 days. Well i can only move forward right? Well luckily i've learned all kinds of interesting things... 1. I will be temping... looking at my chart and when i most likely ovulated, we missed out on sex that day and the day before... SO PROBLEM... can't have a baby without Sex... i KNEW i should be jumping on him AT LEAST every other day.

2. I'm going to start drinking Green Tea. Yeah so many people drink this to loose weight (that's cool if that happens too) BUT i was told it also helps you produce Egg White Cervical Mucus... or as the Get Pregnant Board calls it EWCM. I didn't have this... i thought i did but i think i was just hopeful~ So Green Tea it is! Oh and 3. More sex... OBVIOUSLY!

okay and on we go!

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