Monday, March 23, 2009

Now I'm really confused

So for those of you who are charting, tracking, or just know your body... you know that the wonderful book Taking Charge of Your Fertility says that you are fertile/ovulating when you have a egg white discharge that you can stretch between two fingers. YUM! BUT some people don't have a lot or any discharge so they have to use other things like preseed which is a lube that mimics this substance. RIIIIGHT... so we all know that i think i ovulated (THE PAIN OOOOH THE PAIN) already BUT can't be TOO sure since, well i'm not charting. Well now i sort of maybe might have eggs in my pants! Not an omelet or anything just a nice side to go with my bacon. So now I don't know if i'm to expect my little friend next week or two weeks from NOW! UH! Ladies, let this be your lesson to learn... CHART!

I will be charting next cycle, whenever that might be, b/c i can't take this guessing game.... oh and PS if you're one of those lucky teachers that get to talk about sex education and the bodies, etc.... please be more clear with your students then my teachers were concerning what in the heck your body goes through. Because honestly i didn't have a CLUE until i read Taking Charge of Your Fertility... i just figured you could get pregnant any old time and the egg would just sit there and wait to be cracked.... oh little did i know!

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