Friday, February 26, 2010

Back at work...

So this is the last day of my first week back at work. Luckily i only worked half days. And with that being said i can't REALLY tell you how it went. Every day i wasn't gone from Kinsley that long... i got great adult time and still had a lot of Kinsley time... now that didn't keep me from crying like a banshee on Sunday night for about an hour, cradling my baby in my arms begging Chris to find a new job in a cheaper area so that i could stay at home "WITH MY BABY"!

This is how our schedule went this week

440 am I wake up and start getting read
515 am i pump one side
530 wake K up and feed her from other side and then pump what's left.
550-620 Dress K, get bottles ready, store milk, get pump ready again, get my food ready, warm up the car and then head to Day Care
630-640 Drop off K at daycare
Drive to work
730-1130 Work
1130-1215 Drive home
1215 Pick up K
1230 Eat lunch then nap
And the rest of the day is stuff around the house, making dinner, etc...until 7-730 when we bathe Kinsley and get her ready for bed, lay her down, i get her and my clothes ready for the next day, i take my shower, get the bottles and pump ready, feed her one last time and try to be in bed by 9. Next week it will get ALL thrown off when i'll be working from 730-4 and won't pick her up until 515ish.

But we're doing it... here's Kinsley on her first day of "school"

Can't you just feel her excitement?

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