Friday, February 26, 2010

Dang, my kid is a celebrity!

At daycare that is! Oh yeah, she's EVERYONES favorite! they line up to hold her and see what she's wearing that day! From her bows, to her earrings, to her socks they just love her and that couldn't make me any happier, since i know she's getting spoiled!

Yesterday Kinsley did a mini photo shoot since i thought she looked snazzy in her leg warmers (we had to change her outfit since she blew out of her diaper... again...)

Kinsley has also found her hands and Chris and i are always making jokes about them. She's always wringing them like she's nervous or holding them like she praying or trying to stuff them as far as possible into her mouth. Last night Chris was getting her ready for bed while i took a bath and he was like "Um woman, i think K's got a problem, i think she feels fat" So i take the bait and ask why... "Well she's stuffing her fingers into her mouth making herself gag and won't stop".... lol First she's nervous, then she's a nun, now she has an eating disorder... Great and she's only 12 weeks old!

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