Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Earrings? Check!

So you can think i'm a terrible person, whatever, but i got my daughters ears pierced! It went down like this. My Favorite Aunt was coming in town to visit K and I when i had the bright thought that HEY, she's owns a Mearle Norman and pierces ears there so lets have her bring up her guns! Then my parents decided to come into town too and since my Dad pierced my ears when i was in first grade i thought why not let him help, you know for memories sake! lol

So we sat her down on her Daddy's lap, I held her head, Papa Mutt did one ear and Missy did the other! She cried a bit and then she was good to go once i picked her up! And they look great! Just see!

This is the Missy that did it!

Aww what a pretty KK!

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