Monday, February 8, 2010

Jersey's from California!

Yeah well i apparently produce as much milk as a jersey cow and happy cows are from california right?

I pump each morning after i feed Kinsley so that i can have a stock of milk before i go back to work... well this was my plan.... honestly i don't know how much i have but it's A LOT! I've filled the door to my freezer in our kitchen and now i've started putting it in the basement freezer, were i have a row and a half of milk!

Each morning i normally pump 6-9 oz... the other morning i pumped 11! I've read you have the most milk producing in the morning and i can attest to that! SO pump away moms! I've also picked up some breastmilk tea (helps you keep up your supply) for when i go back to work, just in case!

So despite our painful start, this jersey cow is a happy cow with a happy baby!

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  1. Yaaay for breastmilk production!!! :)