Saturday, February 6, 2010

Two months and she got shots... and has refulx!

Here's our princess on her Two month birthday

And when you're two months old you have to go to the doctor for shots....


Happy at 10lbs 9oz and 22 1/2 inches long!

and post-shots:

Sad little girl! but happy now that she has her Daddy to protect her!

Oh yeah and we have reflux! GREAT! She get medicine 3 times a day now! Poor thing! At least she'll start feeling better!

Oh and we went by the daycare to square things up for our arrival... yeah i can't talk about that right now... that makes me so sad!

okay off to enjoy watching the rest of our 3 feet of snow fall!

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  1. She is soo cute Erin, and is becoming to be a BIG GIRL!!! :)