Friday, February 26, 2010

umm she's on to me!

Yeah so i come back to work and everyone is like "WOW you look great! Lost the baby weight, rested! WOW!" I'm all like "YEA i know! She sleeps GREAT! I MIGHT have to give her a passy but she's mostly sleeping through the night! HAHA!" Ummm yea... apparently i didn't knock on wood b/c Kinsley is having none of THAT now! Oh yea, she wakes up at like 1250ish now and the passy is not doing it! UH! Doesn't she know that we're getting up WAY early now and she needs to let me sleep?!?! So i get up and throw a boob in her mouth and then off t sleep we go again. Chris wakes up (AFTER ME!) in the morning and as i'm trying to figure out a way to apply makeup to cover the 10lb bags under my eyes he tells me how tired HE is and if Kinsley woke up last night! SERIOUSLY!!!

Yeah i'm so sorry he's SOOO tired when i was up at 1 in the morning feeding our baby to the lullaby of his snoring! No seriously he has been working terribly hard lately and i DO feel bad for him... but COME ON KINSLEY! SLEEP!

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  1. LOL. Been there girl. She's growing and needing more to eat right now. And this growth spurt is the begining of new stuff, almost literally, every day. Glad you and your family are doing so well. She is a doll. Aren't girls fun!?!