Wednesday, February 3, 2010

She's growing so fast!

So we've been working on our strength training lately... Kinsley that is... okay okay i am too, but this post is about HER. And she's doing sooo well! I'm almost sad about it because it means my little baby is growing up!

Here she is working on sitting up in her bumbo

Chris loves this chair because i'll put her in it while i'm cooking dinner and when he walks in the door there she is bobbing around! So cute!

Then today as i was checking email, i went back downstairs to see this

Do you see it??? Look at her right hand (well it's on the left)... she's holding her toy! and i didn't put it in her hand! She did that all by herself!

I know, some of you are thinking... gezz Erin she's just holding a toy... but that's HUGE! Normally she'll grasp something i give to her but not for long.... much less grab something on her own! Oh my this little one is just moving right along and i don't know if i like it! I want my little cuddly baby back!

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