Thursday, March 3, 2011

Half full or full of ....

Sometimes i want to get on here and post to the world about how THAT's it! this time is different, something has clicked and i'm REALLY going to loose weight, but i know it's all just a sham. I know that i won't follow through. I want to get on here with my goals and dreams but, honestly, i know when i get home i'm going to be so frackin tired that it's simply not going to happen.

I read through some amazing blogs of these women running all of these marathons and half marathons, looking like rock stars as they kiss their children after they cross the finish line. And well, I want that to be me. i want to have time to make that ME. When can i find the time and energy and will power to make that ME!?!

I have amazing friends that are awesome emotional support but that's not enough for me. I mean i DO DO DO need it but something just isn't clicking. Maybe it's the running in the dark... Dark and cold do not equal motivation in my book. Sitting here in my toasty office looking a the sun (even though my head says it's cold out there) equals motivation.

I want to run a race of some kind in every state before I die. I think that would be pretty cool. It can be a 5K or a marathon, but i want to do it! AND i know i CAN!

I'll get there, I'll motivate myself... I hope.

Do all of my lower case "i"'s get on your nerves? I'm a child of the instant message age, what can i tell you.

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  1. Ha! It's funny that you say that about the instant message age....I had a studnet last year answer a question on a test with "idk"

    Really nice, right? I got a good laugh out of it!