Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nosey Neighbor!

We have entered some very interesting stages with Kinsley. One being the nosey neighbor stage. She is OBSESSED with looking out the front windows at anyone and everyone! It's almost embarrassing. But the problem is the neighbors don't help out the situation. They see her peeking out at them and laugh and wave. So then she gets excited and squeals and spins circles and goes back for more!
Speaking of spins circles, that's her new thing too. She spins until she's so dizzy and falls, gets up and does it again! In addition to this mild form of self inflicted torture she will also go all Kamikaze on us. Yeah, she stands up on the BACK of the couch (when we're diligently watching her while painting or cooking dinner) starts flapping her arms while giggling wildly, looses balance, crashes to the ground (often side swiping her head on the coffee table on the way down), cries, talks, laughs, and tries to do it again! I'm telling you, this child is sick!

But also sooo cute! We've entered the "pretend" phase too! She walks around pretending to feed herself and anyone else she can get that spoon close to! God I love her!

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  1. I'm sorry! I can't help but wave back...she is just SO cute!