Wednesday, March 2, 2011

interesting to say the least

So I got THE call from daycare on Friday that Kinsley was just not doing well (kinda knew it since i had picked her up early the day before and found out she had an ear infection) and might need to go home. So I called the hubs, he rearranged his whole day to go and pick up our little bean, to only get another call once he was already on his way that she was "perking up"... he picked her up anyway.

This weekend went well. Kinsley wasn't a crazy child full of out of control energy, but she was happy and good. Monday she woke up with a slight fever. I threw some ibuprofen in her and prayed while i risked a daycare drop off. Yea... I didn't even get to work when they told me to come back. She was still officially sick. And I believed them since she was all of a sudden getting a fever WHILE on antibiotics and still pulling on her ears.

So i took her to the pedi, again, and sure enough her infection was still there. And her lungs were wheezing (handing over my mother of the year badge now)... so we screamed through our first breathing treatment for it to only clear up one lung, so off to the chest x-ray we went.

Have you had to do one with your child? It looks like this:
except seems tighter and my child was SREAMING uncontrollably. yeah you feel like an awesome parent while that's going on...

Came back clear though, no pneumonia. So we had to rent a nebulizer and continue with breathing treatments at home.

I kept her home on Tuesday, she did GREAT! I was able to work from home and she terrorized the dogs all day!

Today i went back to work and G-ma came over to watch her and they have been living it up! Tomorrow she has to go back for a follow up appointment, i hope it goes well! I hate seeing my baby stuck in this thing:
pictures of her in it to come.

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