Monday, March 14, 2011

Do you have a wall that you've hit?

I do. I hit one hard this past weekend. What made me hit it? This photo:
That's me, next to two very skinny girls. I was already feeling very insecure before we met up with them. I knew they were smaller then me, i even made chris stop at target to get me a different top to wear, note to self, NEVER WEAR WHITE AGAIN!
I saw this picture and it made me want to cry, and if i wasn't so disgusted with myself I would have. I'm practally the size of both of those girls put together. W.T.F. The worse part of it all?? This photo is on Facebook. EVERYONE can see it. Now, no, i don't always look THAT fat, but I do there. THAT is not okay.

I can't look like that anymore. I can't look like that at the beach. I can't look like that and love myself.

THAT is not who i want to me. THAT is not who i used to be.

I'm on the South Beach diet now. Done.

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